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Vita-Stim Stem Cell Nutrition is all-natural patented supplement that helps to increase the release of adult stem cells. This is among the very 1st and we think the best supplement in the world to help you avoid the problems associated with embryonic stem cells received from a donor in the hospital environment. According to studies Vita-Stim™ Stem Cell Nutrition ingredients increase stem cell levels, on average, by up to 30%. The more stem cells or “building blocks” we have available, the faster and better our organs can be repaired. Our overall health is strongly influenced by the continued availability of millions of extra stem cells in our bodies. But as we age our natural stem cell count declines.   learn more

Neuvitale Life Support is a patented and  patent pending proprietary formulation derived from a major advance in clinical nutrition.  It features whole Aphanizomenon flos-aqua (AFA) containing polysaccharides plus the ingredients of AFA extracts, Phycocyanin from AFA and Arthrospira platensis (AP), Phenylethylamine (PEA) complex from AFA and other pure sources.  In addition, there is added Anhydrous Trimethylglycine or ATGM to add a host of benefits as indicated below.  Neuvitale Life Support is designed to improve overall health of mind and body. It protects joints, inflammation, wellness and betters aging.*

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VitaCential Neuvitale Powered Mega Multivitamin / Multimineral along with Stem Cell Nutrition Support is the first and only complete multi vitamin/mineral formulation to help rebuild your body using the body’s own natural renewal system of adult stem cells. That means extra adult stem cells may come into your body from YOUR Own Bone Marrow to improve ongoing repair. This happens while your body also absorbs the minimum daily requirements of the most commonly needed vitamins and minerals. We gave the product an added boost of Vitamin D3.   learn more