PHYTO CALCIUM - a coral calcium health benefits

Coral minerals provide health benefits that far outweigh those of any other mineral supplement simply because they are all natural. Coral minerals are unlike any man made food supplements available. They contain a natural balance of sea minerals, including calcium, magnesium and other essential minerals, as well as all of the trace minerals that are so valuable to the human body. Coral calcium minerals play a more important role than any other supplement because they can directly improve the heart and circulatory systems as well as cleanse the digestive system.


Coral calcium has been immersed in seawater for thousands of years and over time, “above sea” coral has retained mineral properties of all 74 important seawater minerals. These minerals are very similar to the mineral composition of the human body. The near perfect match and benefits of coral minerals for human consumption is unbeatable and cannot be duplicated in a laboratory.


One of the biggest benefits of coral calcium is the alkalizing effects it has on the human body. It has the ability to balance pH levels because its natural range is 10 to 11. A person’s pH level is considered acidic once it falls below 7, and much research points to the fact that many health conditions are the result of increased acidity in the body. Conditions like arthritis, heart disease, and even diabetes have been clinically linked to imbalanced pH levels. Because today’s typical diet often contains acid forming foods, coral calcium is the perfect way to offset those high pH levels.


Above sea coral calcium products provide not only the necessary calcium that your body requires, but also the 73 other trace minerals that are equally important.


Why are Coral calcium supplements so important?

The answer can be summed up in two words: mineral deficiency.


Most consumers are unaware that unsustainable farming practices have stripped the minerals from our soil. This means that our food has less essential minerals than we realize. So, even if you invest in a healthy, organic diet, you’re not getting the essential minerals your body need to function at optimum health.


There are more than 150 serious health conditions that can be directly linked to calcium deficiency. Increasing your intake of calcium and vitamin D can greatly improve your health.  Additionally, simply changing pH level in your body with coral calcium can revolutionize your life.


Why you need PhytoCalcium, a coral mineral ...

  Health experts say that 157 diseases are

    caused by mineral deficiency.


  Minerals make up the basic foundation of



  Our soils have become depleted of minerals;

    thus, our foods and our bodies have become

    mineral deficient.


  Coral naturally contains every mineral found in

    the body and, unlike many mineral supplements,

    coral minerals get in and really work.

Calcium Quick Facts:

  If your fingernails have white spots in them,

    your calcium levels are low.


  If you have a history of tooth decay, you are

    either not getting enough calcium or your high-

    sugar diet is depleting the body of more calcium

    than it’s absorbing.


  Both osteoporosis and some forms of cancer

    are related to calcium deficiency.


  The majority of men, women and children in

    America are calcium deficient.


  Calcium is not optimally utilized unless provided

    with complementary minerals and vitamins

    (nutrient/mineral matrix).