Why GBE Cosmetics Mineral Make-up?

GBE goal is introducing high quality natural mineral cosmetics. We are proud to say our mineral cosmetics are MADE IN THE USA and are FDA certified.


At GBE we consider our customers to be a part of our mineral cosmetic family.  Our mineral cosmetics are available in a wide variety of colors and are extremely gentle, even for the most sensitive skin. They do not contain any dyes, oils, chemicals, fillers, additives, or preservatives.


Our non-comedogenic cosmetics contains Mica, a 100% Hypoallergenic product, which will never clog your pores, produce acne, black heads, cause any future break outs or irritate your skin. Our product also covers hy-perpigmention on your skin to reveal that flawless look you’ve always wanted. Our mineral make-up is not a treatment but is more beneficial for your skin compared to other traditional make-up. GBE Cosmetics uses the finest, purest, highest quality minerals that actually improves the health of your skin while providing a flawless, weightless coverage. The ultimate result is a natural, radiant glow, and a sheer look that you’ve always desired.


Hollywood Secret reveals.

GBE Cosmetics is proud to be the first natural mineral cosmetics used in the Entertainment Industry. Our make-up is so natural that we can provide coverage for both men and women. GBE has been a big success in the film industry for anchors, reporters, athletes, and celebrities, as our foundation remove the shine from their faces when being in the public eye. Through the use of our mineral make-up we have the ability to cover the hyperpigmention in the skin to reveal a flawless image. With our products, you too can look and reveal the same radiant skin as your favorite celebrity.


Why GBE Cosmetics Mineral Make-up?

All mineral manufactures tend to make the same claims, so the answer to that question will never be fully understood until you have experienced our products.  You will notice the difference the moment you apply OUR make-up to your skin. You will immediately SEE and FEEL IT.


When we say we are better, we are comparing our mineral make-up against other mineral brands and traditional make-up.  It doesn’t matter if you’re using other mineral make-up, loose mineral, compact, Liquid Mineral, traditional make-up, or even selling another mineral or traditional make-up. Our Mineral Cosmetics will outperform and out stand anything you’ve ever used.  Our Perfect Formulas are designed to keep your body free from harmful additives and preservatives, but most importantly work exceptionally well.  We are a well-known legitimate company in the United States and in many other countries. We are a responsible corporation that will give you excellent customer service and the highest quality ingredients of mineral cosmetics guaranteed.


Pressed Mineral 7-In-1 Foundation 15 gms.

GBE Cosmetics offers Pressed Mineral 7-In-1 Foundation (Foundation, Concealer, Compact, Mineral, Veil, Clear Radiance, SPF 15) in a 15gram compact.


The Pressed Mineral Foundation Make-up is made with natural mineral oils, mineral ingredients, and Earthly essential elements that form a rich, luxurious, solid cream compact, with liquid mineral infusion to give you that natural look. It is ideal for people who want a compact that is easy to apply with no mess.


Pro Mineral Brushes:

GBE offers Brushes specifically designed for the use of mineral make-up products. The brushes help blend the make-up with your natural oils from your skin evenly and flawlessly leaving absolutely no skin lines on your face. The majority of our Brushes are handmade from Goat Hair with finishing touches, hypoallergenic. The best thing though about the GBE Brushes is that it fit anywhere, even in your handbag.


  Cover Hyperpigmentation


  Non Comedogenic


  Flawless Super Light Weight


  Both UVA & UVB Sun Protection


  Naturally Beautiful Skin


  Water Resistant




  Fragrance Free


  No Animal Testing


FDA Certify, GMP, OCED, and Intertek


  Made in USA